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Session Information

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Session Types

There are 3 different ways we can connect with you:

  • Face to face

  • Zoom (video)

  • Telephone

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Session Fees

Individual - $140.00

Couple -     $190.00

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Cancellation Policy

24 hours cancellation is required.  If notice is not received, the session fee is payable in full.

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Client confidentiality is kept as the highest priority.  What is spoken about in the session is private between the counsellor and the client. 


Note: The exception to confidentiality is if the safety of the client or others becomes apparent, your counsellor is bound by the professional code of ethical practice to engage with other agencies to support the wellbeing of those involved.


Crisis Support

If you you are feeling unsafe or having suicidal thoughts, please follow this link to the Mental Health Foundation

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